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The Shortlist Media Family is set up to help brands reach our Met Set audience – successful, sophisticated, dynamic, urban. These people have very little time, a considerable disposable income and no patience with inauthentic attempts to engage them.

Increasingly, brands come to us for advice about communicating with the Met Set - through events and experiences, print, video, digital platforms and social channels. The launch of the studio is a way of sharing our insight and expertise on this very distinct audience.

We are transforming our approach to accommodate the demand for big, conceptual pieces that cut-through with imaginative executions. The Shortlist Media Family will enable commercial partners to work hand-in-hand with the people who lead our editorial products and create rich, true, exciting ways to communicate with these opinion-leading men and women.

The studio will offer consultancy and ideation right through to execution and distribution. Editors across Shortlist Media will form the inventive backbone of Family, which also includes strategy and sales, development coders, social media and data specialists, to ensure that each concept is specifically brought to life and resonates with the Met Set audience.

Our ambition is to create ground-breaking, memorable media with our commercial partners that will surprise, thrill and engage the metropolitan audience we reach every day. 

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